Friday, November 28, 2008

Great Day!!

Went down to Roaring River this morning with my two best friends. Pat my bro and Marshall. We had a blast!!!! We findly got tired of counting fish!! That's a great day when you get tired of catching but everyone knows that the catching is icing on the cake!! It was cool early but was not cold. It never changes on the Killer worm catch a ton! I caught 3 about 3lbs and Pat had one nice one and so did Marshall. Talked to Tim a minute and he wasn't kidding about using the big ugly flys!! He tied on a orange and white bouble bunnie and the bigger fish went crazy! This thing was 4 inches long!!!! Roaring River is still one of the prettest rivers anywhere. There were a lot of people fishing and walking around soaking up the beautiful day! Lot's of people asking about fishing regs. Fishing permit and trout stamp is all you need. The Good Lord has blessed us with a lot that we take for granite! Look around sometime and really look what we have and remember he's given this to us!!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Well catch and release season finely opened last Friday. I had a great day to start. My first fish was a beautiful 5lb rainbow! I caught about 40fish in 4 hours and 7 of them were between 2lbs and 4lbs. Beautiful day weather wise. I used the Killer worm all day. This Friday I went down after I got off work at 11and got to fish a couple hours. Caught 21fish and had one 3lb and one 4lb fish. Met up with Gary Bates and got to see him land a nice 3lb fish. Last Friday I got to net a sweet 8lb rainbow for a gentalman from Pittsburg KS. He said that he had been fishing RR for 41years and findly caught a 3lb fish last summer. Well you beat that one by a ways!! My brother took my dad down last Monday morning and he said he stopped counting after 30fish. Killer worm is in deed a KILLER!!!! I'm posting a picture of one of the nice rainbows that I caught.