Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hello everyone!! 2012 was another great year!! Lot's of RDPflyrods hitting the waters around this world. I can't think of any better hobby in the world that building fly rods!! My blanks have been selling really well and (knock on wood) I've not had any problems with the blanks breaking at all. I've been blessed with a great manufacture that cares about quality products!! The 0wts are selling well already and what a great blank it is! I would like to thank everyone of my new friends for trusting me with building them a fly rod. I'll never forget the trust and friendship that everyone has shown me. I'm really looking forward to 2013!!! I've had a few rods that took me a while to ship and I'll try and do better this year. My three girls have been really active this year in school and they will always come first so if I'm late shipping please forgive me. Someday Lord willing I would love to make building fly rods my full time job/fun. Thank you all!!!