Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Catch and Release

I went down to Roaring River this afternoon!! It was cold when I got there but I was hot for the water!! The river was up a little and had a small amount of stain to it. I looked around for some lunkers for a little bit and could only find one and when I cast anywhere around him you would have thought that I was throwing a stick of dynamite in the water. Gone in a flash!!!!!!! I then decided to catch some fish. I started with old faithful "The Killer Worm" Well it sounds dramatic anyway!! I started fishing about noon and fished till about 3:00 and had a ball! I caught about 30 fish in all. I walked a lot and covered most of the river just to see where the fish were. They have done some work on the pools and I don't see what they are trying to do but what ever. The rod sales are steady and I even got a guy from Malaysia that is wanting a rod! I've been getting a lot of return customers lately and that really makes me feel good about the way I build the rods. I did meet a nice guy from Aurora today that I had talked to before and told him about the Killer Worm. Hope everyone is keeping their line wet!! Tight lines!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Long time no see!! I had a great year in 09 for rod sales and would like to thank everyone!! I sold about 150 rods. Lots of return customers!! I shipped about 25 or more over seas. My time fishing wasn't that good but spending time with my family was priceless!!! The fish will still be there for me to enjoy in the years to come and my girls are growing up fast and I don't want to miss a moment! I'm looking to have another great year and looking forward to meeting a lot of new frends!! I hope everyone has a great 2010!!!