Sunday, May 26, 2013

Thank you!!!

Good morning world!!! It's a beautiful morning here in Chesapeake MO. I sat out on the front porch in the swing and soaked it all in!!  God is all around me!! I just have to open up my eyes and soul and realize he just loves me!!!!

I've had the best and busiest years so far!! I've sold over 60 rods so far this year! Thank you everyone for being patient and kind to me. I've struggled to get orders filled but getting there. I've been shipping rods all over the world again! Brazil, Italy, Europe, Japan and Australia!! It's so much fun to email back and forth with you all!!!

I got tired of my thread being scattered all over the place and built a rack last night. I didn't think big enough. I might have to build another one.
Thank you everyone and Thank you Lord for everything you have blessed me with. Even my problems bring blessings if you learn from them they will make you stronger and see God clearer!!!