Saturday, March 13, 2010

Getting ready for spring

Well here we are again. It's March and spring is springing a little. I've been selling a lot of rods in the last couple weeks. I sold one to a guy in Brazil last week!! I've covered about every Continent now.
I'm getting ready to go fishing on my birthday this Wednesday up at Bennett Springs with my buddy Marshall Robb! I'm so excited I can hardly wait. We are going to meet there and fish in the morning and then maybe go play golf in the afternoon!!! SWEET!!! I haven't played golf in two years. I hope my swing hasn't left like my diet!!
I've been thinking real serious lately about expanding my business. Getting my own blanks and selling blanks and reels and complete kits. I'm thinking and sending out inquiries to see what it's going to take. I really think it would do well now because my rod building is doing very well and I think people will trust me. I'll keep you informed. I'll also tell you how the 17th goes!!! Tight lines!!