Saturday, January 22, 2011

Great Start to 2011!!!


What a start to the new year!! The sales have been really great!! I've been shipping to all over the world already! Brazil, Singapore, UK, France, Italy and to Denmark!!! And a few to the states!! The blanks are moving also! Thank you Lord!! I've been really blessed! I've been looking to try and add a reel to my line up also. I've been looking and it's a rough road to find just what I want. I'm kinda picky and I hope it shows in my rods and blanks! I've got 6 rods to wrap right now. I haven't even been able to go fishing yet this year. I'll make time soon I hope. We've been fighting sickness at home for a while. We're doing better now.

I'm needing feedback on the reels. I want to know what everyone wants in a reel and can't find. One thing I want is a silent reel. No clicking no drag sound!! Let me know at