Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring has sprung!

I hadn't told you about my birthday trip with Marshall. I had a blast!! I meet Marshall at 7 am at the lodge and we went up to zone 1 to start. We didn't make the whistle because we were talking so much. It didn't matter. I got rigged up first and out in the river I went. It was a cool morning and a little mist was going. The first fish was a nice one. A fat 2 1/2lb rainbow. Fought really great!! Nice start to the day! I was using the killer worm and it didn't let me down! I caught fish everywhere I went! Went below the bridge in the rapids and caught about 10 fish really quick. About 11 we decided to go play some golf! I hadn't played in about 2 years. I hit the ball pretty good for the most part. Of course Marshall always hits it good! I had a birdy and finished up 5 over for 9 holes. I was proud! Marshall played much better. Lunk! It was really great to get to spend most of the day with him. I then headed home. I got home in time to go with Michelle to pick up the girls at school. We went over to Hog Wild and had dinner! It was a man's day to remember!! I went to bed early! I was one tired boy!!

I shipped a rod to Brazil a couple weeks ago. He got it and loved it! I shipped one the same day to Canada and it's still in customs. I don't get the customs deal! Had a lot of inquiries and a few sales. Kinda slow for the most part. I've been thinking about having my own line of blanks made. I've been talking with people all over the world trying to find someone that will do the best job with what I want. I'm leaning toward and manufacture here in the states. I would rather have every thing built in America. That's very important to me. I'll keep you updated!!
Get your kids out fishing!! It will be the hardest day of work for the biggest reward! Tight lines!!!