Friday, November 26, 2010

November update!!! Great!!

Sorry it's been so long but here it goes. I've been really busy! REALLY BUSY!!! The blanks are moving and the rods are moving even faster!! I sent a bunch of blanks to So Toyota in Japan and blanks to France and Italy and Argentina and Rods to England and Australia and soon to Brazil and a bunch in the US. I'm very blessed!! I did get to go to Roaring River on opening day of Catch and Release and caught a bunch of fish. The big boys were no where to be found. Today the 26th. Marshall and I went down to RR even tho it was 24 when I left the house this morning. Luckly the wind wasn't blowing and the cold didn't cut to bad. The killer worm was really doing great. I had a tip about another fly that my buddy Larry told me about and decited to give it a run and WOW!! I caught a fish on the first 5 casts!!! The 6th cast was a little to long in the back cast and I had to tie on again. I caught about 25 fish in a hour. Sorry I promased that I wouldn't tell what he had told me. I did get a picture of a grandpa that caught a nice 8lb fish. I'll try and add a picture.

I'm still building like crazy and loving every minute of it!!! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!!! Tight lines!!!!