Friday, December 7, 2012

0wt 0wt!!!!!! They are here!!

By popular demand the 0wt is here!!!! It's a great addition to the line up!!! I'm going to make a limited edition of the 0wts. They will be great and something special!! They will have 5500 year old Bog Oak from Russia. I still can't get my mind around the age. The wood has been carbon dated to make sure of the age. I'm only going to make 10 of them. They will be more expensive. $300. Email me if you want one. I'm also adding a size. 5'8" 3pc. You can pick from 5 weights from 0wt to 4wt. I'm calling them the "Twig" Perfect for the mountain streams!!

I've had a really great year. I've made about 85 custom rods. Thank you all!!! I'm ready for another great year!!