Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Taney Morning

Hi everyone!
I went down to Tanycomo Friday morning to meet a new friend. Gary Harrison met me in the parking lot to get his new rod. Enjoyed meeting Gary and getting to know him. Very nice guy.
I hit the water about 9:00 and 0 units!!! First time I've been able to fish the river in day light. It's changed some but still the best place around to fish!! Started with a egg pattern. Nothing! The next 4 tie ons Nothing! The Killer worm was next! First cast "HELLO" nice 17" fish and the Dam horn starts blowing!!!! Many nasty four letter words ran threw my mind and none of them "fish". Then the horn blows again!! 2 units! Just when I figure out what they want!!! The water started coming up and a third horn blows!!!!!!! Everyone started for the north bank. A weard thing happend!! The water started dropping and went back down to normal???? I didn't care what was going on I wanted to fish and I did! Caught fish everywhere I went. Had a ball!!! Caught about 15 fish in a hour and a half! The river was wonderful to feel again on my waders. I talked to 4 or 5 very nice people. I'm going to have to take a morning off and head down sometime soon!!!

The rods have been selling very well as of late. Hope it continues!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Colorado Brookies

Well I got to go hiking the first week in June in Colorado. We went to the Lost Creek Wilderness area. It was a great time!! We did get to do some Brook Trout fishing but the stream was up and dirty from several days of rain. We had a blast with everything from hiking and finding fire wood to day hiking up farther in the mountains. The mornings were cold. I had ice on my tent about every morning but it didn't take long to warm up and dry out. There were eight of us that went. Great bunch of guys!!